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Play Six Point Scotch on Your Golf Trip - Here's How

Updated: Apr 5

No golf trip is complete without friendly ( 🏆💰🤑 ) competition. One golf game I love is Six Point Scotch. Six Point Scotch is a game that combines elements of team play and individual scoring with teams of two competing for six points on each hole. There are multipliers and twists throughout the round, keeping each player engaged on every hole. You can play with handicaps so the level of players can vary and still matter. I’ve had some pretty pressure-packed matches playing Six Point Scotch, and I encourage you to add it to your list of games if you don’t play it already. Read on to learn more about how to play.

A golf glove, golf ball, golf tee, golf pencil, golf scorecard, and twenty dollar bill
Six Point Scotch is a golf gambling game that adds excitement to any match.

How To Play Six Point Scotch

To get started, choose teams, and if you're playing for money, assign a dollar amount per point. The team that's leading tees off first.

The scoring in Six Point Scotch is based on a six-point scoring system for each hole.

Here's a breakdown of how points are earned on each hole:

  1. 2 Points - Individual Low Score: The player with the lowest individual score among all four players earns two points on the hole for their team.

  2. 2 Points - Team Low Score: The team with the lowest combined score on a hole earns two points.

  3. 1 Point - Proximity (Prox) to the Hole: The player in closest proximity to the hole on the green in regulation earns one point for their team.

  4. 1 Point - Birdie: If a player makes a birdie on a hole, they earn one point for their team on the hole. If a player on each team makes a birdie, no team earns the point.

  5. Double Your Points: If a team earns all 6 points on a hole, the points double to 12.

A birdie is a HUGE swing in points and momentum. And even if a player is out of contention for the low score on the hole, they can seriously mess with team mojo by assuming they don’t matter because the Team Low Score points are still in play.

Doubling Down on Your Match

There are two more ways to add excitement to the match. During the round, the team that is currently leading is required to tee off first. The losing team has the opportunity to “Press” after watching the drives of their opponents. A press doubles the points for each achievement on the hole. For example, in normal play, a team earns 2 points for the low individual, and after a press, they earn 4 points. That means a birdie turns into a 24-point backbreaker.

  • Press - Doubles the points available on each hole for the rest of the round.

  • Twist - Doubles the points available for each hole the rest of the round.

This dynamic creates an exciting balance between individual and team objectives throughout the round, with dramatic swings in momentum. A well-executed birdie or a clutch par putt can change things in an instant. This element of unpredictability adds an extra layer of excitement and keeps players engaged until the very last hole.

If you're looking to elevate your golfing experience with friendly competition, Six Point Scotch is a golf gambling game worth exploring. With its unique scoring system, strategic decision-making, and opportunities for dramatic turnarounds, Six Point Scotch is a great game to play on a golf trip with buddies. In another blog, I'll tell you about an epic match of Six Point Scotch made even sweeter with the first hole-in-one of a player's career.

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