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How to Play the Golf Gambling Game: Wolf

Updated: 5 days ago

Are you a lone Wolf? 

Wolf is a classic and simple, yet engaging golf gambling game with shifting alliances and strategic decisions.

The Rules of Wolf

Wolf is played with four golfers. 

The first player to tee off on the hole is designated the “Wolf.”

The role of the Wolf changes with each hole, giving every player an equal opportunity to be the Wolf. 

After teeing off, the Wolf has a critical decision to make:

  1. choose to play the hole alone against the other three players or

  2. partner up with one of them. 

The Wolf decides after watching the tee shots of the other players. (There's an alternative scoring system we'll get into in a later post).

How to Score Wolf

Scoring is simple. The team with the lowest net score on the hole wins points.

Points are awarded based on the outcome of each hole:

  • If the Wolf plays alone and wins the hole, the Wolf earns 2 points.

  • If the Wolf plays plays with a partner, each player on the winning team earns 1 point. 

  • If the Wolf plays alone and loses to any player, all three opposing players earn 1 point.

  • If there is a tie on the hole, no points are awarded.

On holes 17 and 18 after each player has been Wolf four times, the player with the lowest number of points tees off first. 

The player with the most points at the end is the winner.

Strategies for Success

KYP - Know Your Personal. As the Wolf, know the players’ tendencies and weaknesses. Choosing a reliable partner when you’re in trouble and exploiting the weaknesses of others is crucial to success. 


Timing is Everything. If you’re the Wolf, strategic timing of when to play solo or team up can greatly impact the game. Assess risks and potential rewards before making your decision. Don’t underestimate the power of mind games.

Wolf is a great golf gambling game because you get competition and fun without the hassle of a complicated scoring system. 

GIMME Golf Travel is your partner every step of the way. 

We Plan. You Play

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