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Protect Your Golf Clubs During Travel: The Bag Boy BackBone

Updated: Apr 5

Protecting your golf clubs during golf travel can feel stressful. The care of your clubs is out of your hands, and you’re at the mercy of baggage handlers who likely don't care that Torrey Pines is on your bucket. Thankfully, you can breathe easier with the telescoping travel tool that provides additional protection for your heads and shafts. We’re talking about the Bag Boy BackBone Support System. Let's dive into the features that make this telescoping golf travel resource a must-have for every golfer.

Telescoping Ease - The star feature of this telescoping marvel lies in its three telescoping sections, offering golfers the flexibility to tailor the length according to their clubs and bag. The BackBone has an adjustable length of up to 54 inches.

Compact Storage - With a collapsing capability that brings the length down to a mere 23.25 inches, this golf travel essential offers compact storage. Slide it into your car trunk, the back of a closet, or locker without any hassle – it's ready whenever and wherever you need it.

Maximum Club Protection - The oversized and durable polypropylene top cap ensures that your club heads and shafts receive maximum protection. The oversized cap allows you to keep the head of your driver and other woods screwed on during travel.

Lightweight Aluminum Shaft - While solid in protection and durability, the BackBone features a lightweight aluminum shaft that’s easy to handle and won't add unnecessary bulk to your golf bag. 

Easy Push Button Mechanism - Simplicity is key, and the easy push button mechanism to adjust the length exemplifies that. Adjusting the telescoping sections couldn’t be simpler, with a straightforward push, you can effortlessly set the length to your liking.

For golfers who demand the perfect blend of versatility, protection, and ease of use, the

Bag Boy BackBone Support System golf travel tool is a game-changer. 

GIMME Golf Travel is your partner every step of the way. 

We Plan. You Play.

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