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How to Play NASSAU - The OG Golf Gambling Game

Updated: Apr 5

NASSAU is the OG of golf gambling games. Originating in the 1890’s at Nassau Country Club, NASSAU the game was invented to limit embarrassment from local newspapers publishing outcomes from local golf competitions. If you lost by 5 strokes on the front, went down another 7 strokes on the back, and lost by 12 strokes overall, no one would know. All anyone read was you lost 3-0. 

At the time, the handicapping system we use hadn't been invented. Today, NASSAU is played with handicaps. 

Scorecard showing NASSAU game

How to Play NASSAU

NASSAU is great because of its simplicity.

The bet has three distinct but equally important parts:

  1. Font nine

  2. Back nine

  3. Entire 18-hole match 

To start, place a wager on the front, the back, and the overall 18-hole score.

That’s it.

You can play stroke or match-play.

Tally the scores for each nine holes to record a winner. It’s that easy. 

Win one of the nines and you have a chance.


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