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Golf Travel Packing Checklist Resource

Updated: Apr 16

When time is limited and there are a million things to do before you go, use this golf travel packing list resource to feel organized and pack stress-free. 

GIMME Golf Travel created this resource for you to copy/paste and use as your own. 

Introducing the Golf Travel Packing Checklist Resource

On the GIMME Golf Travel packing list you will find four categories: 

  • Golf Necessities: golf clubs, shoes, shirts, and pants or shorts. 

  • Golf Accessories: range scope, tees, golf balls.

  • Travel Essentials: clothes, toothbrush, Gold Bond.

  • Entertainment: speaker, cigars, playing cards.

  • Other: what else? 

On the spreadsheet, there’s a column for checkboxes, travel items, quantity, and notes. 

To use the list, click the link below to open the document, choose ‘File’ and then 'Make a copy’ from your desktop or the three dots on your mobile device. 

With GIMME Golf Travel's packing checklist in hand, you leave home knowing you have everything for a memorable and stress-free golf trip. 

GIMME Golf Travel is your planning partner every step of the way. 

We Plan. You Play.


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